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Ctturbine is brand of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine held by China Tech Group. Its founders have been developing a series of VAWT, including Hybrid, Darrieus and Savonius. Also they have improved tradional types of these three blades. Ctturbine VAWT fully uses areodrnamatic between every piece of vane, which finally make size of blades smaller, rated wind speed lower, at about 6m/s(13mph) and more efficient than Horisonal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) .

They are suitable to be installed in city buildings, rural area, and wind farms. Its safe for birds, silent, no vibration, protected by its own system under high wind speed. The main part can be separate, and easily be bolted to poles. So customers can only take the main part, and prepare a simple pole from local shop. That can save a lot to transport long and very heavy poles.

For further, we have a professinal team of designer, who can design special wind generators under your certain wind condition, especailly blades. We help testing new products, manual operation, keep maintance and improve application.
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